A Heart Surgeon's Little Instruction Book

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Sometimes the environment surrounding an operating room is way too serious! Let loose with this handy paperback, which is destined to be the topic of conversation in ORs everywhere. Wit, wisdom, and sage advice are furnished to the surgical team via 452 one-liners. These tidbits of information will cause the whole surgical team to reflect, chuckle, and even re-evaluate their bedside manner. These thought-provoking, yet witty quotes promise to keep the surgical team in stitches. Here’s a sampling of this book’s humor and advice: Never be embarrassed to look something up. Avoid scheduling an operation for the morning if you are leaving town in the afternoon. Don’t throw instruments. If you must throw something, make it something disposable. Don’t panic—even when it’s obviously the most rational thing to do. If possible, leave the saphenous vein undivided in the leg until after heparin has been administered. In the event of a complication, the resident closest to the bed is assigned the blame.