Volume 1: Obstetrics

Second edition, fully revised 2004
650 S. , 1536 Abb. , gebunden (KB)
ISBN: 9783131318824

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The Definitive Reference for Obstetric Ultrasound


  • The most comprehensive work on obstetric ultrasound available, with over 1500 superb illustrations (700 in color)
  • Textbook and atlas in one
  • Combined with the gynecologic volume, provides an archive of information and images that leaves no question unanswered


  • Screening, organ biometry, detailed and systematic diagnosis of fetal anomalies, multiple pregnancies, abnormal pregnancies
  • Transvaginal and transabdominal ultrasound, Doppler and color Doppler scanning, 3D ultrasound, ultrasound-guided invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures Practice-Oriented
  • The ideal reference work for sonographic findings in frequent and rare malformations and syndromes
  • Actual specimens shown next to ultrasound images for comparison

The Definitive Reference for Obstetric Ultrasound 2nd edition