Neurologic Disorders of the Larynx

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An essential reference for optimizing
the care of patients with laryngeal disorders

Neurologic Disorders of the Larynx, Second Edition, is a comprehensive reference assembling the clinical knowledge of a multidisciplinary team of experts in the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of laryngeal dysfunction. Divided into three main sections, the book opens with a review of basic physiologic concepts, covering relevant anatomy, neural innervation, and electrophysiology. It then provides practical discussion of examination and diagnostic techniques, including the use of electromyography, acoustic assessment, and FEEST. Chapters in the final section of the book address a range of clinical disorders, providing detailed descriptions of the underlying pathophysiology as well as the medical, surgical, and therapeutic treatments available.

Highlights of the Second Edition:

  • New chapters cover laryngeal dysfunction in sleep; FEES and FEEST testing; evaluation of paresis and paralysis; vocal fold augmentation, medialization, arytenoids adduction and re-innervation; and management of swallowing disorders and aspiration
  • Comprehensive presentation of different management techniques enables clinicians to select the strategy that works best for each particular situation
  • Current information on movement disorders includes descriptions of their manifestations in the larynx and appropriate speech therapy
  • Nearly 100 drawings and photographs demonstrate key concepts

This book is an indispensable single-volume resource for clinicians and residents involved in caring for patients with laryngeal disorders, including otolaryngologists, head and neck surgeons, and neurologists. It is also an ideal reference for speech pathologists, rehabilitation specialists, and speech scientists.