Otolaryngology--Head and Neck Surgery

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ISBN: 9781604067682

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This well-organized text for rapid clinical and board
review contains high-yield facts using a question and answer format that covers
all subspecialty topics in otolaryngology. It combines clinically relevant facts
with hard-to-remember, commonly tested details and presents them in an
easy-to-follow layout that allows clinicians to quickly review large amounts of
information.Key Features:More than 9,000 high-yield questions and
answers, half provided in the book and the other half online Portable
for quick reference during downtimes such as in between rounds or while
travelingClinical pearls on patient evaluation and management
This review book is a must-have for residents preparing for in-service exams
or initial board certification exams as well as seasoned clinicians studying for
their MOC Part III re-certification exams.