Vestibular Function

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An updated and expanded second edition of the bestselling introductory book on dizziness and vestibular disorders

Praise for the first edition:
"Concise, clearly written, and well referenced. Clinical topics...are dispensed with brief, understandable explanations and provide the reader an easy reference resource."
-Head and Neck Journal
"An excellent overview…approaches this topic with a refreshing multidisciplinary perspective."-Otology and Neurotology Journal

In an updated and expanded second edition, this best-selling text provides a dynamic introduction to dizziness and balance disorders, and a thorough discussion of the tenets of managing a balance clinic.

Vestibular Function: Clinical and Practice Management begins with comprehensive information on the function of the vestibular system and how to perform a vestibular evaluation. In the following chapters, the author provides insight on the prevention of falls and the treatment of vestibular dysfunction. In his expert discussion of the practical aspects involved in establishing, equipping, and operating a balance clinic, Dr. Desmond includes his own unique perspective on staffing needs and marketing and financial considerations.

New to this edition:

  • Expanded and updated coverage of the disorders that cause dizziness, vertigo, or imbalance
  • Extended review of specific disorders with need-to-know information about retrocochlear pathology and auditory asymmetry
  • A new chapter on falls prevention and updated coverage featuring expert opinions on pediatric and neurological perspectives
  • Updated appendices of essential reference material and practice resources
This hands-on guide is an ideal overview for beginning audiologists, as well as a useful reference for already-practicing audiologists, otolaryngologists, neurologists, physical therapists, and emergency department physicians working in this challenging field.
Alan L. Desmond, AuD, Director of Audiology at Blue Ridge Hearing and Balance Clinic, Bluefield, West Virginia.

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