Imaging for Otolaryngologists

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ISBN: 9783131463319

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All aspects of otolaryngologic imaging

  • Reference source that narrows the focus on the topics of immediate interest to otolaryngologist practicing in a modern clinical environment
  • Basics of otolaryngologic imaging
  • All images are clearly labelled and where appropriate, comparisons are made between CT scans and MR images
  • All aspects of otolaryngologic imaging are covered, with particular emphasis on anatomy, common diagnoses, and choice of imaging modalities
  • Including choice of preferred imaging modality, possible differential diagnoses, and points of evaluation
  • Prepared by an otolaryngologist, and reviewed and supplemented by radiologists, the focus is on the relevant radiologic images: the disease-specific characteristics and features important for diagnosis are clearly shown and implications important for surgery are outlined
  • Four sections: petrosal bone, skull base, sinonasal complex, and neck structures
  • Each section is consistently structured (normal anatomy, frequent/common diseases, less frequent, but instructive diseases)
  • The presentation of each disease will follow a standardized layout with concise texts