Oral Cancer Surgery

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The surgical management and treatment of oral cancer is one of the greatest challenges for residents and fellows specializing in oral and maxillofacial surgery. The unique anatomy of the perioral region makes tumor ablation and surgical reconstruction particularly complex. This practical handbook presents the most important procedures in oral cancer surgery in a concise and highly visual manner, providing a solid repertoire of basic surgical techniques for handling almost any case and achieving the best possible results.

Key features:

Comprehensive coverage of all the most important surgical approaches for managing and treating oral cancer
Practical systematic guide encompassing every step of the operative procedure including tracheotomy techniques, lymph node management, tumor ablation, and reconstruction
Enhanced with more than 200 full-color intraoperative photographs and diagrams to illustrate each step of the surgical process
Includes important tips and tricks for anticipating and avoiding potential problems during surgery

This book is an essential reference for all young surgeons wanting to review the surgical principals, anatomy, and techniques that form the basis of oral cancer therapy. More experienced surgeons will also find it useful for reviewing techniques and surgical strategy before heading into the operating room.

Thieme eOtolaryngology is the premier online resource for otolaryngology-head and neck surgery. For a free trial, go to: thieme.com/eototrial"Operative treatment for oral cancer is one of the most challenging fields in surgery. The perioral region is the only area of the body containing all types of tissue: muscle, bone, cartilage, skin and mucosa. Because of this unique anatomy, ablative tumor surgery and reconstructive surgery remain very complex.

The surgeon has to possess elaborate skills in handling soft tissue, dealing with microvascular techniques and managing bone treatment, including osteosynthesis. Furthermore, he has to prepare defined strategies to anticipate any upcoming surgical problem. As there is an overwhelming repertoire of ablative and reconstructive procedures, it is difficult for residents and young surgeons to find the right way to #survive in the operative jungle#.

This book concentrates on key procedures that offer young surgeons the possibility to solve almost any case of oral cancer. The surgical principles and steps are didactically presented in series of concisely labeled intraoperative photos and/or diagrams. Traditional approaches are combined with innovative techniques. Anatomical introductions connect previous knowledge of anatomy with the surgical procedures. Additionally, interesting historical landmarks and important tips and tricks regarding the techniques are provided. The compact and concise character of this book will enable the resident to study and review all issues regarding oral cancer surgery in a short time.

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