Pediatric Audiology

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ISBN: 9781604068443

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Written by pioneering experts in the field, this updated
and expanded edition of Pediatric Audiology focuses on the practical application
of audiology principles and protocols that audiologists and graduate students
need to master. It features new chapters on vestibular testing of
children, bone anchored hearing aids, and interpretation of audiologic test
results, as well as describing in detail the red flags that audiologists should
know to identify and manage the barriers to a child’s optimal auditory
development.Key Features:
Videos with closed captioning, available
online on Thieme’s MediaCenter, demonstrate the clinical testing techniques
discussed in the bookDetailed explanations of test protocols enable
audiologists and otolaryngologists to use audiologic data to make thoughtful and
effective management decisions for infants and children with hearing
lossStep-by-step guidelines on the diagnosis and treatment of
pediatric hearing and balance disorders give students practical information they
need and help practitioners accurately evaluate patientsGraduate students in
audiology will read this text cover to cover and practicing audiologists will
frequently refer to it in their daily practice.