Roeser's Audiology Desk Reference

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ISBN: 9781604063981

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Praise for the best-selling first edition: … fills a much needed
gap in audiological literature, providing a source of essential facts, figures
and diagrams … the information is precise and easy to read, while the contents
and index pages are also very detailed, making it easy to locate
information. -- Journal of Otolaryngology Audiologists
are often pressed for time and need an up-to-date reference for quick
consultation in their daily practice. Roeser's Audiology Desk Reference, Second
Edition, is an accessible resource containing all the latest facts, figures,
diagrams, and standards that are essential to an audiologist's practice. Key
Features:Covers relevant topics such as anatomy physiology,
audiologic vestibular testing, instruments procedures, hearing
conservation, and much more!Includes thousands of practical facts,
figures, and tables for use in daily practiceContains valuable
information on all aspects of audiology diagnosis and
treatmentCompiled and edited by Dr. Roeser along with four
seasoned experts in the audiology professionThis invaluable clinical guide
will be the reference of choice for all busy practitioners and students in
audiology and speech-language pathology.