The Temporal Bone

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ISBN: 9783131412713

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Guide for young trainees

  • Providing comprehensive, high-quality, fullcolor pictures of the detailed steps of all the major surgical approaches that can be performed in the temporal bone
  • Supplemented by images of cadaveric dissections as an aid to understanding the intracranial anatomy when indicated by the approach

The anatomic complexity of the human temporal bone and the delicate structures it houses make surgery in this region extraordinarily difficult to master. A profound understanding of the region's intricate interrelationships - as well as the ways in which diseases affect them - is absolutely essential for a successful surgical outcome. With this in mind, an expert team of experienced surgeons have combined stunning illustrations and concise text in a comprehensive guide to temporal bone dissection.

The Temporal Bone features:

  • More than 530 high-quality, full-color illustrations
  • Step-by-step guide to all of the major approaches used in temporal bone surgery
  • Clear labels and concise figure legends
  • Cadaveric dissections clarify the intracranial anatomy
  • A didactic, yet comprehensive, approach-ideal for in-depth study or quick review
Designed to complement and reinforce experience obtained in the temporal bone lab, this easy-to-use book is an essential resource for residents in otology, neuro-otology, and skull-base surgery, and a valuable addition to any surgical library.

Content Overview

  1. Temporal Bone Dissection Laboratory
  2. Anatomy of the Temporal Bone
  3. Transmastoid Approaches
  4. Translabyrinthine Approaches
  5. Middle Cranial Fossa Approaches
  6. Retrosigmoid-Retrolabyrinthine Approach
  7. Transotic Approach
  8. Modified Transcochlear Approach (Type A)
  9. Infratemporal Fossa Approaches