Adult Audiology Casebook

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Adult Audiology Casebook is a compendium of key clinical
cases designed to help clinicians develop the critical thinking skills necessary
to successfully diagnose and treat patients. The cases are written by experts
from around the world who share their experiences and expertise in dealing with
a range of challenging clinical scenarios. An important classroom
resource, the book gives readers expert guidance on providing "best
practice" care in the areas of hearing disorders, the diagnosis of auditory and
vestibular disorders, amplification, cochlear implants, hearing assistive
technology, and management of tinnitus.Key Features:More than 70
adult case reports written by leading clinicians from the United States, Canada,
Australia, Hong Kong, and England Over 180 color audiograms
that help clinicians evaluate hearing sensitivityIncludes a series of
questions on each case with thought-provoking answers followed by a summary of
the key points on that case

This textbook is essential reading for graduate level audiology students who
want to sharpen and enhance their clinical skills. It is a valuable teaching
tool for audiology and speech pathology professors as well as a practical
reference for practicing audiologists, otolaryngologists, and ENT residents in
their daily practice.
Adult Audiology Casebook is the ideal companion to Pediatric Audiology
Casebook, by Jane Madell and Carol Flexer, published by Thieme in