Surgery of the Auricle

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  • Comprehensive review and practical manual of surgery of the outer ear
  • Step-by-step surgical instructions from one of the masters in the area
  • Including many invaluable tips and tricks

One of the greatest challenges for the surgeon, reconstruction of the auricle, requires not only superior skill and attention to detail, but also a keen sense of aesthetics paired with a deep understanding of the growth characteristics of the involved tissues. Here, in magnificent color and detail, Hilko Weerda and his contributing specialists offer a complete guide to the delicate and complex procedures associated with the external ear. Featuring concise descriptions, illustrated step-by-step instructions, and numerous before-and-after photos, this volume provides surgeons with the essential knowledge that successful surgery in this difficult field demands.

Contents include:
  • More than 1300 detailed photographs and illustrations
  • Anatomy and anthropometry of the external ear
  • Aesthetic principles of auricular reconstruction
  • Tumors of the external ear
  • Trauma and non-inflammatory processes
    • Acute trauma, chronic otohematoma, and auricular injuries
  • Classification and surgery of auricular defects
    • Central and peripheral defects
    • Partial and complete auricular reconstruction
  • Classification and surgery of different auricular malformations
    • Epidemiology and embryology
    • Surgery of auricular overgrowth
    • Most important otoplasty techniques
    • Skin expansion
  • Diagnostics and auxiliary therapy
    • Radiological examination
    • Middle ear malformations and treatment
    • Bone-anchored hearing aids (BAHA) and epithesis attachment
    • Hearing aids for congenital atresia
    • Management of hemifacial microsomia
    • Epilation and tissue engineering of human cartilage
    • Psychological aspects of severe microtia
An incomparable reference and text for all surgeons specializing in treating defects and disorders of the external ear, this comprehensive volume succeeds beautifully in capturing in full the myriad creative, scientific, and technical facets of auricular reconstruction.