Color Atlas of Hematology

2nd revised edition 2004
208 S. , 262 Abb.
ISBN: 9783136731024

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See through the microscope of experts!

Learn from original diagnostic findings
All hematological diseases with their characteristic clinical pictures

Normal or pathological?
Characteristics for the identification of all cell lines and bone marrow findings (including precursors, reactive conditions and more)

From CBC to diagnosis
Synopsis of the typical cell phenomena and further diagnostic steps ("Should I wait, should I proceed?")

The complete diagnostic techniques
Smear, staining, counting techniques, cytochemistry, immunocytology, bone marrowbiopsy, lymph node puncture

Consistent magnification
Easy visual orientation: The relative sizes of cells are immediately apparent.

A Flexibook for both the specialist and non-specialist, this new book offers accessible information on hematology in a succinct format. In addition to providing basic methodology, the book utilizes more than 260 color illustrations to detail the most up-to-date clinical aspects. Numerous tables and flow charts are included to assist in differential diagnosis, making this a valuable didactic reference for nurses, practicing physicians, and residents preparing for board examinations.