Beasley's Surgery of the Hand

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ISBN: 9781588901613

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Share the life's work and clinical experience of a master surgeon!

While new techniques and instruments are constantly being developed, the fundamental concepts and principles of hand surgery remain the core on which all skills are built. This book provides the vital information needed to perform all types of hand surgery, including a guiding philosophy and systematic approach that reduce even the most difficult problems to manageable solutions. Written by world-renowned hand surgeon Robert W. Beasley, the book shares his 40 years of clinical experience to help you make strong and effective surgical decisions.
The text is augmented by nearly 1,400 exquisite, high-quality illustrations that explain important points and give meaning to theoretical concepts. Clinical photographs depict the entire process from initial problem through post-surgical results, and the superb anatomical drawings were created by award-winning artist Leon Dorn especially for this book.Beginning with a detailed explanation of surgical anatomy, the text goes on to address problems such as sustained activity disorder, metacarpal shaft fractures, soft tissue injury and replacements, acute compartment syndrome, prostheses, tumors, amputation, and much more!

Special benefits of this landmark text:

  • Spectacular anatomic and surgical illustrations that are clear enough to serve as a reference in the operating room
  • Written by a single author with more than 40 years experience - giving you practical clinical advice, a clear philosophy of care, and the tools to achieve a high level of performance
  • Key fundamental information that will you will use throughout your career
  • Analysis of new developments, such as improved radiographic imaging, skeletal fixation hardware, and free composite tissue transfers
Here is all the anatomic, functional, and surgical information needed to successfully restore the disabled hand. It is a timeless clinical reference that will offer years of sound guidance and advice as you face your own surgical decision-making.

Dr. Beasley is Professor of Surgery at New York University, New York, New York; Director of New York University Hand Surgery Services at The Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and Bellevue Hospital Center, New York, New York; Hand Surgery Consultant, Veteran's Administration, New York, New York; Consulting Surgeon at Hackensack University Hospital, Hackensack, New Jersey, and Impartial Advisor to Chairman New York State Workers' Compensation Board.