Surgical Anatomy of the Hand

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ISBN: 9783131252616

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An exquisitely illustrated and comprehensive guide to the surgical anatomy of the hand

This outstanding new guide, co-written by an anatomist and a hand surgeon, provides the most detailed and up-to-date information available on the normal anatomy and anatomic variants of the hand. Surgical Anatomy of the Hand combines subtle topographic anatomy and exacting systematic descriptions of the complex morphology in this uniquely human organ. It is indispensable for all professionals who need to keep up with new surgical techniques as well as nonsurgical treatment of injured, diseased, or congenitally deformed hands.

Anatomy is a highly visual discipline; therefore, more than 200 realistic, high-quality drawings are used to fully illustrate the complexity of the hand. A second color aids in recognizing the finest details, including the full range of anatomic variants that must be anticipated upon surgery. Where appropriate, photographs of anatomic specimens and radiographs are included. Important functional anatomic aspects are described as well, helping to plan surgery and improve outcomes.This is the book that bridges the gap between introductory texts and highly specialized surgical texts. Hand surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, plastic surgeons, anatomists, and residents will welcome this book to aid in expanding their knowledge of the hand, upgrade their surgical techniques, and optimize patient care and treatment.

Hans-Martin Schmidt, MD, is Professor of Anatomy at the Anatomic Institute, Bonn, Germany. Ulrich Lanz, MD, is Professor of Hand Surgery at the Bad Neustadt Hand Center, Bad Neustadt/Saale, Germany.