The Art of Microsurgical Hand Reconstruction

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Written by leading hand surgeons from around the world,
The Art of Microsurgical Hand Reconstruction is a visually detailed,
content-rich atlas packed with all the step-by-step procedures surgeons need to
successfully perform both tried-and-true and cutting-edge techniques in
microsurgery of the upper extremity. This sophisticated atlas covers more
than 50 specific procedures that beginning microsurgeons as well as more
experienced surgeons will want to add to their arsenal to stay competitive in
their practice.Key Features:
Includes new concepts and innovative techniques, many
of which are written by the originator of the procedure
Stunningly detailed,side-by-side color photos and
line drawings guide readers through each step in a procedureFree
online access to 23 videos that demonstrate specific surgical procedures in the
bookTakes a tissue-specific approach to upper extremity
reconstructionProcedures emphasize:  Indications,
Contraindications, Examination and Imaging, Relevant Anatomy, Pearls, Pitfalls,
Surgical Technique, Outcomes, and VariationsThis detailed surgical atlas,
with its sophisticated and comprehensive collection of procedures, is the modern
clinical reference that hand surgeons will repeatedly refer to in the course of
their clinical practice.