Differential Diagnosis in Internal Medicine

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Proven quality, right up to date

From Symptom to Diagnosis

  • Organized by functional system and symptom constellations
  • Covers all fields of internal medicine plus special treatment of subjects dermatology, neurology and rheumatology
  • Typical findings and signs for differentiation of all common, rare and even "exotic" diseases with pathophysiological background information
  • Nearly 1000 stunning figures and many instructive table-format overviews and differential diagnostic algorithms
  • Differential diagnostic evaluation of common laboratory test results, including step-bystep plans for further diagnosis
  • Learn by tracing the path from symptom to diagnosis, just as the physician encounters the situation in practice
Practice-orientated learning
  • Identify and understand key symptoms
  • Consider the whole patient in selecting possible diseases
  • Evaluate, exclude or confirm possible diagnoses
  • Make the correct diagnosis using an appropriate diagnostic procedure

  • General Differential Diagnosis
  • Pain
  • Hematological Symptoms
  • Pulmonary Symptoms
  • Cardiac Symptoms
  • Gastrointestinal Symptoms
  • Nephrological Symptoms
  • Neurological Symptoms