Treating Allergies with F.X. Mayr Therapy

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ISBN: 9783131353610

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A groundbreaking guidebookfrom a revolutionary field!
Treating Allergies with the F. X. Mayr Cure
Mobilizing the Body's Self-healing Powers

Mayr therapists believe that poor digestion results in accumulated toxins and other harmful substances in the digestive tract. These toxins damage health-and cause allergic reactions. Written by a leading practitioner of the revolutionary F. X. Mayr cure, Treating Allergies with the F. X. Mayr Cure is the first text tocomprehensively discuss how physicians can apply the Mayr cure to treat allergies. Beginning with a description of the characteristics and fundamental principles of an allergy and the role of digestive systems in allergic illnesses, Treating Allergies with the F. X. Mayr Cure next discusses allergies and the lymph system and the role of the abdomen in Mayr diagnostics, diagnosing allergies with the Mayr cure, therapeutic possibilities for allergies, the fundamental principles of modern Mayr medicine, and practical tips for individual illness symptoms.

Key features of this groundbreaking text include

  • numerous clinical examples,
  • helpful tips on enhancing the treatment's success; and
  • guidance on which naturopathic medicines support the F. X. Mayr cure'sspecialized allergy treatment.
This landmark text is invaluable to all pediatricians, general practitioners, internists, allergists, pulmonologists, and alternative-medicine practitioners who are interested in treating asthma and allergies naturally and without risk.

Harald Stossier, M.D., is the medical director of the Golf Hotel Health Center in Kaernten, Austria, and president of the International Society of Mayr Doctors. He has modernized the Mayr Cure, adapting it specifically to the needs of allergysufferers.