Easy ECG

152 S. , 237 Abb. , Wire-O
ISBN: 9783131356413

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The only ECG guide you will ever need...

Compact, concise, and easy-to-use, Easy ECG will lead you to the correct interpretation of virtually any ECG you may encounter, quickly and confidently.
For medical students and experienced physicians alike, accurately understanding and interpreting ECG data can be particularly vexing. Easy ECG takes a new approach by combining the diagrams of an ECG atlas with the essential knowledge of an electrophysiology textbook.
With an emphasis on learning and understanding rather than memorizing, the book begins with a clear introduction to the relevant anatomical and electrophysiological principles of the heart. For each condition, an ECG image is paired with a simplified lead diagram, making it easy to see characteristic patterns and curves. Crystal clear, full-color schematic drawings depict the situation in further detail, and concise text boxes describe the mechanism, ECG appearance, etiology, differential diagnoses, and treatment.
The guide is conveniently divided into sections that detail - with more than 230 illustrations - arrhythmias and conduction abnormalities, coronary heart disease, and much more.
With its sturdy spiral-bound design, generous layout, and comprehensive treatment, Easy ECG will quickly become your favorite aid for ECG comprehension and interpretation.