Vascular Medicine

2nd edition 2014
536 S. , 948 Abb. , gebunden (FH)
ISBN: 9783131768414

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Vascular Medicine, Second Edition presents the current methods of diagnosis and treatment across the entire specialty of angiology, providing clear guidance on vascular medicine from well-known specialists. Updates include coverage of recent advances in endovascular therapy, an introductory anatomy section in each chapter, and a detailed duplex ultrasonography section for every vascular region. This new edition also contains chapters on the increasingly important areas of acute stroke treatment and renal sympathectomy, each written by leading experts in those treatment methods.

Key Features:

Focuses on the medical as well as the surgical aspects of angiology
Complete coverage of all three treatment options: conservative treatment, endovascular therapy, and surgery
Interdisciplinary approach that includes outpatient medicine, vascular medicine, cardiology, and radiology
All medical specialists involved in vascular medicine, as well as interventional specialists and vascular surgeons, will find this book to be an invaluable reference throughout their careers."This books presents the current state of diagnosis and treatment in every field of angiology # filling a serious gap in the literature and at last providing full and up-to-date guidance on vascular medicine from well-known specialists.
Benefitting from the many years# experience of nearly 50 authors, taking current guidelines into account, and analyzing the latest research data, the book provides a reliable reference work for physicians and safety for patients. Discussion of conservative drug therapy is matched in detail with endovascular catheter treatment and surgical treatment options.
The relevant techniques are described precisely and in detail. Every area of angiology is included: arterial and venous diseases, inflammatory and congenital vascular diseases. The range of vasculature comprises the supra-aortic vessels and the thoracic, abdominal, and peripheral arteries. In addition, the whole field of varicosis, chonric venous insufficiency, phlebothrombosis, and vasculitis is also covered.
The recognized experts contributing to the book set new standards here # providing the best possible guidance and instruction.

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