Pediatric Fractures and Dislocations

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Adapt your diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to younger patients using this insightful text!

Combining clinical experience with personal insights, this refreshing new text provides a complete set of guidelines for the most effective treatment of fractures and dislocations in children. More than 500 pages are packed with comprehensive coverage of pediatric fracture treatment, enhanced by more than 450 radiographs and dynamic drawings. Author von Laerreconciles surgical procedures with the specific problems involved in treating the pediatric population, showing how integrating children and their parents into the treatment process can significantly contribute to success. Key Features:
  • Overview of all pediatric fractures, covering both their physicaland psychological consequences
  • Focus on treatment of injuries to the upper and lower extremities, including posttraumatic deformities
  • Compares multiple therapy options - from conservative to surgical - to provide optimal patient care
  • Extensive appendix includes battered child syndrome and birthtrauma
  • Observations on radiographic procedures, minimizing radiationexposure, and anesthesia Infused with sensitivity, this informative text explores the most up-to-date clinical findings and weighs them against the patient needs, providing you with the most effective solutions to pediatric musculoskeletal trauma.
This book is an essential resource for all pediatricians and orthopedic surgeons.

Lutz von Laer, MD, is the former director of the Trauma Division at the Basel Pediatric Hospital in Basel, Switzerland.