Stuttering and Related Disorders of Fluency

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ISBN: 9781588905024

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A new edition of the practical handbookfor clinical and theoretical conceptsin the treatment of stuttering

Praise for earlier editions:

"Provides an excellent overview of assessment and treatment for a variety offluency disorders...Students will appreciate the information in this text...Practitioners will find it useful as well. It is a book to be read carefully and referred to frequently." -Journal of Fluency Disorders

"This text presents a very positive contribution to the clinical literature about stuttering and related disorders." -ASHA

Enlisting the expertise of leading clinicians, researchers, and theorists, the editors have here compiled a complete reference of current clinical strategies for treating stuttering and fluency disorders in both children and adults. The third edition of Stuttering and Related Disorders of Fluency retains the comprehensive scope of previous editions and provides thorough guidance for the early assessment, diagnosis, and the treatments and adjunctive therapies available for each disorder.
  • Broad overview of the current knowledge regarding the influence of languageand phonology on stuttering, and the implications these factors have for assessment and treatment
  • In-depth coverage of cluttering by the country's leading experts
  • Expanded, up-to-date discussion of the assessment and treatment of stutteringin bilingual populations
  • New sections addressing pharmaceutical approaches to stuttering, including the efficacy of such treatments as well as possible side effects
  • Theoretical and practical approaches to counseling children who stutter andtheir families
  • Chapters on adjunctive treatments such as self-help and mutual aid groups
Ideal for students in graduate programs and clinical practicum, this handbookwill also serve as an invaluable reference for practitioners in the clinical setting.