Medical Speech-Language Pathology

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Written by renowned experts in the field, the updated
edition of this classic textbook is essential for all practitioners and advanced
students involved in the field. The editors artfully synthesize the complex
pathology of speech-language disorders with practical guidance covering full
scope of practice, resulting in a perfectly balanced text.
The underlying degenerative, neurogenic, and psychogenic causes of
speech-language impairments are explored in detail, along with respective
treatment modalities. Starting with an overview of key considerations, the
latest evidence-based science is presented throughout 22 chapters. Topics
include differential diagnosis of adult communication and swallowing disorders,
assessment and management approaches, and diagnostic tools such as imaging and
Major Sections
Neurological Communication DisordersDisorders of Swallowing
and VoicePatient Medical ManagementCritical Care
New chapters are devoted to motor speech disorders, education for medical
speech-language pathologists, aphasia assessment and management, pediatric
traumatic brain injury, and end of life communication and swallowing disorders.
Leading neurologists, otolaryngologists, and nurse practitioners contribute
their expertise, reflecting the multidisciplinary aspects of this field.
Enhanced with reader-friendly tables, charts, and illustrations, the third
edition is a comprehensive, must-have guide. For graduate-level students and
practicing speech-language pathologists, this book is certain to be an
invaluable and frequently referenced resource.

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