MR-Imaging of the Lumbar Spine

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ISBN: 9783131300911

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Hundreds of diagnostic images improve your clinical decision-making...

Two thirds of all degenerative diseases of the vertebral column involve the lumbar spine. This case-based teaching atlas uses hundreds of MR images and schematic drawings to enhance your understanding of lumbar disc extrusions and spinal stenosis. It provides detailed images covering a broad spectrum of situations, ranging from common conditions to rare abnormalities. You'll learn how to integrate these images with clinical findings to reach an accurate diagnosis and avoid common pitfalls.

The book features 78 in-depth case studies that take you through the entire process, from initial assessment to postoperative considerations. For each case, you'll see: clinical findings; MR images in a variety sequences and planes; therapeutic indications; treatment strategies; differential diagnoses; and an appraisal of the chosen procedure.

Key benefits:

  • Detailed explanations of the correlation between clinical and imaging findings
  • More than 450 high-quality illustrations that depict a wide range of disease entities and situations
  • Acclaimed international experts share tips and advice to expand your diagnostic and therapeutic skills
  • An important chapter on performing CT-guided injections at the lumbar level
For any physician involved in the radiologic evaluation and treatment of the lumbar spine, this book provides the vital combination of text and images needed for sound diagnostic and therapeutic decision-making. Stay abreast of the newest treatment strategies!

Juergen Kraemer, M.D., is Professor, Department of Orthopedics, University Clinic, St. Josef Hospital, Bochum, Germany. Odo Koester, M.D., is Professor, Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Ruhr University, St. Josef Hospital, Bochum, Germany.