Atlas of Sectional Anatomy

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A handy, full-color resource for interpreting musculoskeletal MRI scans with confidence

This superbly illustrated atlas provides a comprehensive presentation of the normal sectional anatomy of the musculoskeletal system to aid in the diagnosis of diseases aff ecting the joints, soft tissues, bones, and bone marrow. A precise, full-color drawing accompanies each high-quality sectional image, helping the reader to gain a solid understanding of the topographic anatomy and to diff erentiate between normal and pathologic conditions. Following examples of whole-body imaging, the atlas off ers complete representations of the spinal column and the upper and lower extremities. The contiguous images of the extremities in transverse sections facilitate the identifi cation of structures extending beyond the joints.

Key features:
  • Top-quality MRI scans, including whole-body views, produced with the most current, high-performance equipment
  • Full-color illustrations drawn by the authors for optimal precision and accuracy
  • Easy identifi cation of anatomic structures through a uniform color code in the drawings
  • Contiguous cross-sectional anatomy of the extremities
  • Information on the location and direction of each slice for rapid orientation

Atlas of Sectional Anatomy: The Musculoskeletal System is an invaluable reference for the daily practice of radiologists, radiology residents, and radiologic technologists.