Diagnosis of Breast Diseases

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A practical approach to the early detection and management of breast cancer

This lavishly illustrated atlas provides radiologists with essential information for the differential diagnosis of breast diseases on the basis of clinical presentation, mammography, and ultrasound. The book begins with chapters on tumor biology, prognostic factors, and histology. The authors then provide a thorough evaluation of various methods for early detection and accurate diagnosis, including analog and digital mammography, ultrasound, MR imaging, PET/CT, and interventional procedures. They discuss in detail the strengths and limitations of each imaging modality, aspects of quality control, test intervals, peri- and postoperative management principles, and follow-up care.

It is the author's conviction that ultrasound has not been as widely used in breast imaging as would be advisable, in particular for evaluation of the glandular tissues; indeed, a case is made that screening solely with mammography is inadequate and has its limits. Ideal is the single-view mammogram combined with ultrasound imaging and the clinical examination performed by the experienced clinician.


  • Presentation of difficult cases that effectively demonstrate the diagnostic hurdles and forensic pitfalls in breast diagnosis
  • Special sections on breast cancer in men and young women, with discussion of women
  • Color-coded practical tips and clinical notes for optimal comprehension of the material
  • Extensive Q&A sections for self-testing in two major chapters
  • More than 1500 high-quality illustrations, including clinical color photographs, ultrasound images, and mammograms
Diagnosis of Breast Diseases: Integrating the Findings of Clinical Presentation, Mammography and Ultrasound is an invaluable resource for radiologists, experienced breast diagnosticians, and breast surgeons.