Teaching Atlas of Mammography

4th edition 2011
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ISBN: 9783136408049

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Perception and analysis-the basis for understanding the interpretation of mammograms

Acclaim for previous editions:
"Presents the complete mammographic spectrum of breast abnormalities, benign and malignant, in exquisitely detailed images…Strongly recommended to all radiologists who perform mammography and indeed to all physicians." -American Journal of Roentgenology

"A succinct, didactic system to perceive and analyze lesions using mammograms…should be used as a reference in any department of radiology." -Radiology

"The reader working with this book case by case will see nearly all pathologies of the female breast detectable by mammography and will be very well prepared…highly recommended." -European Radiology

The names Tabár and Dean are associated with high-quality mammography worldwide. In this fourth edition of the bestselling Teaching Atlas of Mammography, readers are again invited to share in the authors' experience of analyzing and evaluating mammograms. Their systematic approach not only instills a full understanding of the principles of mammography but also provides the requisite knowledge and tools to arrive at a highly accurate differential diagnosis.

Rather than starting with the diagnosis and demonstrating typical findings, the approach of this atlas is to teach the reader how to analyze the image and reach the correct diagnosis through proper evaluation of the mammographic signs. Prerequisites for the perception and evaluation of the mammographic findings are optimum technique, knowledge of anatomy, and understanding of the pathological processes leading to the mammographic appearances.

Special features:

  • Revised and expanded case studies, based on 40 years of imaging experience, provide instructive long-term follow-up of patients over a period of up to 25 years
  • Offers a unique comparison of imaging findings with the corresponding large thin-section and subgross thicksection (3D) histologic images to facilitate an understanding of the pathologic processes and the mammographic appearances they lead to
  • Includes an abundance of coned-down compression views, microfocus magnification views, and specimen radiographs to support the analytic workup
Teaching Atlas of Mammography and the Breast Cancer book series by the same authors are essential for residents in radiology and practicing radiologists who need the highest level of training in the radiologic anatomy of the normal breast and the changes associated with benign and malignant lesions. They will help ensure that all clinicians acquire the optimal technique and knowledge of pathologic processes necessary to reach a correct diagnosis-and achieve the best long-term outcomes for their patients.