Orthopedic Manual Therapy

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ISBN: 9783131714510

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Orthopedic Manual Therapy presents a systematic, step-by-step guide to manual therapy for disorders of the extremities and spine. Readers will find detailed examination and treatment techniques, the newest scientific and clinical advances, and updates on pain physiology, biomechanics, neurodynamics, and the biopsychosocial model of disease as the foundation for manual therapy.

Special Features

Describes every procedure in well structured, logical sequences of assessment, classification, and intervention, including core questions for patients
Covers examination and treatment of all joints, from the toes to the shoulder girdle, with new information on the sacro-iliac joint tests, as well as additional new techniques for the wrist and the hindfoot
Provides more than 500 full-color, step-by-step photographs that illustrate every technique for treating functional disorders of the locomotor system
Explains the important topic of arthrokinematics (movement of the adjacent joint surfaces) and its role in the mechanics of manual therapy
Offers a practical documentation template for recording each articulation and communicating findings to colleagues or physicians
Access to 20 instructive videos on the Thieme MediaCenter that demonstrate procedures in real-life clinical situations
Complete with case studies, checklists, and study questions, this practical, didactic book is ideal as both a textbook and a reference. Students and practitioners of physical and manual therapy will find it essential for gaining the knowledge and decision-making skills to treat any musculoskeletal disorder related to posture and movement."This book provides the reader with a systematic and practical introduction to manual therapy of the extremities and spine.


In-depth knowledge of the foundations of manual therapy and actual procedures.
Information on the biopsychosocial conceptual framework and explores such topics as pain psychology, biomechanics, and neurodynamics.
Color photos clearly illustrate the key points for anyone interested in learning about manual therapy.

Thorough explanations:

Kinematics and joint anatomy
Physiotherapy examination and targeted treatment procedures
Indications and contraindications for manual therapy techniques for joint mobilization

Practical examples:

Step-by-step examination procedures
Evaluation of quality of movement # you will learn what you need to look for
Measures for joint pain and/or hypermobility
Documentation of therapy and outcomes

The more than 500 color images, numerous patient examples, checklists and summaries help facilitate learning # for those in training, continuing education, or who are returning to the field.