Interventional Radiology in Trauma

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ISBN: 9781604063110

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Interventional Radiology in Trauma Management brings
together the insights and expertise of Dr. Tisnado, an interventional
radiologist, and Dr. Ivatury, a trauma surgeon, to guide surgeons on how to
effectively integrate both specialties into their management of trauma
patients. This reference book provides comprehensive coverage of the
increasingly important role of interventional radiology in the care of trauma
patients and will be an essential text for interventional radiologists and
surgeons specializing in trauma and critical care. Key
Features:Emphasizes the importance of a team approach to the care of
trauma patients undergoing interventional proceduresIncludes
chapters on imaging of thoracic, abdominal, and peripheral vascular trauma,
complemented by over 600 high-quality imagesDescribes a wide range of
interventional procedures and techniques such as embolotherapy, stenting, and
balloon occlusion, in detailThis book will be an indispensable resource for
radiologists, trauma surgeons, emergency medicine physicians, and all others
involved in the care of trauma patients.