Complications and Sequelae of Head Injury

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Complications and Sequelae of Head Injury offers a complete overview of the intermediate and long-range complications, including vascular, infectious, metabolic, and psychological sequelae that affect both the adult and pediatric head-injured population.

Included in Complication and Sequelae of Head Injury are chapters covering:

-Cerebrospinal fluid fistulas and pneumocephalus
-Traumatic carotid-cavernous sinus fistulas
-Vascular complications of head trauma
-Delayed traumatic intracerebral hematoms and coagulopathies
-Infectious complications of head injury
-Facial fractures in patients with intracranial injuries
-Injuries of the cranial nerves post-traumatic epilepsy
-Post-concussion syndrome and neurobehavioral disorders
-Delayed sequelae of pediatric head injury
-Plus much more!