Practical Neurosurgery

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An initiative of the Neurological Society of India

The Neurological Society of India (NSI) is the apex body representing neuroscientists in India. For the last 4 years, the society has been publishing a compilation on contemporary topics for neurologists and neurosurgeons titled Progress in Clinical Neurosciences.

NSI has now taken a further step in its attempt at knowledge dissemination by publishing this book—Practical Neurosurgery: Analysis of Clinical Cases—written by eminent experts in the field. This book adopts a problem-solving approach to help neurosurgical practitioners in decision-making and management of their cases. It establishes treatment protocols by analyzing different clinical cases and their diagnosis, and suggests a systematic, algorithmic approach to their management.

The NSI has managed to bring together eminent neurosurgeons from all major medical institutes of the country in a collaborative effort ensuring that the collection is interesting, educative, and immensely informative.

The highlights of this collection are:

Clinical approaches of management and presentation of cases in a systematic manner: from the very basic to the very complex.
Carefully-researched, detailed information and state-of-the-art perspective in the field
Learning tools like flowcharts, figures, boxes, tables, illustrations, and clinical images to elucidate concepts
Simple, lucid language to aid comprehension.