Neuro-Oncology: The Essentials

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Neuro-Oncology: The Essentials, Third Edition, is a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental science and core clinical concepts behind the successful multidisciplinary management of patients with brain and spine tumors. Among the updates to this new edition are eight new chapter topics, including: Endoscopic Approaches, Pediatric Supratentorial Tumors, and Neuro-Oncology in the Developing World. The book begins with basic science, progresses to clinical applications, and includes a robust section on specific tumor types.Key Features:A major revision, with a 20% increase in content and over 35% increase in figuresEditor’s Notes at the end of each chapter briefly summarize a topic, provide a historical perspective on a topic, add a current reference, or highlight salient points Demonstrates the latest surgical navigation techniques, including stereotaxy and intraoperative MRI, used to access hard-to-reach tumors This new edition is an invaluable reference for all neurosurgeons, neurologists, and oncologists, as well as residents and fellows, and it will be a treasured volume in their medical libraries for years to come.

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