Endoscopic Spine Surgery

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Endoscopic Spine Surgery—Destandau's Technique provides a detailed and critical analysis of the Destandau's Technique, a pure endoscopic technique developed and popularized by eminent French neurospine surgeon, Dr Jean Destandau. The benefits of this technique include achieving higher mobility and wider reach of spinal defects despite minimal invasion, better management of underlying compressive pathology, quicker patient recovery, lesser blood loss, and increased spinal stability.

Key Features:

Explains the latest advancement and future of 3D imaging, and also the use of ultrasonic bone dissector in Destandau's Technique.
Documents cases and their surgical results in a clear, systematic manner.
Covers basics as well as advanced aspects of the technique extensively, thereby making it useful for new as well as experienced surgeons.

This book is an outstanding resource for orthopedic fellows and residents, as well as clinicians specializing in spine surgery.