Handbook of Bleeding and Coagulation for Neurosurgery

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ISBN: 9781604065442

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This practical handbook presents the current options and
best methods for bleeding prevention and management as well as treatment
strategies for deep venous thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE), all of
which are important yet potentially intimidating issues frequently faced by
neurosurgeons. The chapters in the book are designed to help readers quickly and
easily locate urgently needed information or go directly to a specific topic
related to patient care. Key Features:
Review of drugs and herbal
products that affect coagulation with specific reversal
strategiesPreoperative and intraoperative methods to prevent and
manage blood loss including strategies for blood
replacementRecommendations for prophylaxis and treatment of DVT and
PEChapters dealing with the management of nine specific neurosurgical
situations including brain tumor, cerebrovascular, trauma, spinal and pediatric
with patient examplesComprehensive and conveniently portable, this handbook
is essential for both residents and practicing neurosurgeons or ENT physicians
who need to master and/or refresh their knowledge of the best approaches for
prevention and management of bleeding and DVT in their