Dynamic Reconstruction of the Spine

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Dynamic Reconstruction of the Spine, Second Edition, is the most
up-to-date, comprehensive resource on the instrumentation, technologies, and
fundamental science integral to achieving spine motion preservation and
stabilization. It is a completely revised text that covers not only the latest
technologies and surgical approaches, including MIS techniques, but also
significantly more detail on the clinical biomechanics of the spine than the
previous edition. Readers will appreciate the guidance this book provides
on how to: successfully adopt new technology, find appropriate indications,
address common safety and efficacy issues, and answer health economics questions
for ethics committees and payers.Key Features:A substantial
revision, with entirely new chapters in three quarters of the book, including a
large section on basic as well as more advanced biomechanics
topicsHighly visual - contains 20% more figures than the
previous editionDiscusses and explains current advances in genetic
and molecular technologies used to repair the spinal disc Includes an
unbiased critique of the pro cons, clinical outcomes, and comparative
outcomes of different devicesThis new edition is an indispensable reference
for orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, and radiologists, as well as residents
and fellows seeking the latest information on the technologies used in spine
motion preservation and stabilization.

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