Vascular Neurosurgery

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ISBN: 9781604060348

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CME Credit Available

A step-by-step guide to neurovascular surgery

Vascular Neurosurgery, a new volume in the second edition of the classic Neurosurgical.
Operative Atlas series, is an exquisitely detailed atlas of the surgical approaches to common neurovascular diseases and conditions. The book is divided into three sections: aneurysms and subarachnoid hemorrhage, vascular malformations, and ischemic and other cerebrovascular diseases. In each chapter renowned experts guide the clinician step-by-step through management, providing insights into patient selection, preoperative evaluation, surgical technique, and postoperative management.

  • Consistent presentation in each chapter to enhance ease of use
  • Coverage of microsurgical techniques, minimally-invasive approaches, and endoscopic approaches
  • Practical tips on patient positioning, instruments, and how to avoid and manage potential complications
  • More than 300 illustrations, most of them in full-color, demonstrating surgical steps

Vascular Neurosurgery is a practical, "how-to" book for clinicians, fellows, and residents in neurosurgery and vascular surgery. It is an ideal reference to consult in advance of performing a neurovascular procedure or to prepare for the oral board examinations.