Neural Prostheses

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Neural prostheses have been used for centuries as structural replacements, in particular for injuries to the cranium. And today, neural prostheses are designed to restore a broad range of nervous system functions previously lost due to trauma or disease. While their complexity may vary from nerve conduits to prosthetic brain implants, neural devices have improved the lives of patients and broadened the scope of disabilities that can be treated.

Neural Prostheses is the first comprehensive book to look at the history and recent, state-of-the-art developments of neural prostheses. Dr. Maciunas has gathered the country's leading experts in structural and functional protheses development to provide a look at the history, current use and the future of prostheses in the areas of:

-Spinal instrumentation as implanted neural prostheses
-Cranial reconstruction
-Angioplasty and stenting
-The use of indwelling of radioisotopes
-Slow-release polymers for chemotherapy
-Cell transplantation for movement disorders
-Gene therapy for the treatment of CNS disease
-Microelectrode prostheses
-Cochlear implants
-The use of robotics