Neurosurgery Tricks of the Trade - Cranial

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Neurosurgery Tricks of the Trade: Cranial presents core
surgical procedures in a concise, highly didactic format, enabling surgeons to
quickly grasp their essence from the bulleted text and superb illustrations that
accompany them. Expert neurosurgeons specializing in the cranial region describe
how they perform common procedures and offer surgical tips and pearls. Key
Features:Distills a wealth of information in a concise, step-by-step
format, making it easy for novice surgeons to review how procedures are
performedIncludes more than 150 surgical procedures for the cranial
region, each accompanied by high-quality, original
illustrationsPresents topics in either a pathology-based or an
approach-based mannerConsistently organizes the procedures into the
headings Introduction and Background, Operative Detail and Preparation,
Outcomes and Postoperative Course, and References, enabling rapid reference
Neurosurgeons at all levels, from residents learning procedures to
experienced practitioners needing a quick refresher, will find this book, along
with its companion volume, Neurosurgery Tricks of the Trade: Spine and
Peripheral Nerves, to be an invaluable resource throughout their surgical
careers.This book has been developed from Thieme
the world’s
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