Controversies in Neuro-Oncology

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Because of tremendous advancements in research,
neurosurgical oncology has become increasingly complex, and it is imperative
that physicians have scientific evidence to guide and defend their decision
making as they strive to provide the best patient care. Controversies in
Neuro-Oncology: Best Evidence Medicine for Brain Tumor Surgery, written by
world-renowned experts, is a comprehensive guide that compiles, synthesizes, and
summarizes the most relevant scientific literature available in neurosurgical
oncology. It provides objective recommendations based on the data found in
the literature, giving physicians the information they need to make fully
informed treatment decisions.Key Features:An opening chapter,
Introduction to Best Evidence Medicine, illustrates how the authors rate the
viability of the data presentedAuthors discuss in detail commonly
disputed topics specific to tumor type, such as the roles of surgery and gross
total resection as well as radiosurgery optionsExpert recommendation
boxes highlight “takeaways” for the readerSummary tables distill
abundant scientific evidence and emphasize the main conclusions of published
studiesThis book will be the go-to guide for all neurosurgeons,
oncologists, and neurologists involved in the multidisciplinary care of patients
with brain tumors.