The Orbit and Sellar Region

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ISBN: 9780865775312

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Designed to bring all of orbital anatomy into perspective, this expert reference is the first to:

1) Provide a comprehensive review of the microsurgical anatomy of the orbit and sellar region;
2) Demonstrate the relationship of the orbit and surrounding structures; and
3) Illustrate orbital structures from multiple operative approaches

Hundreds of vivid dissections show the orbit from above, below, laterally, medially, and anteriorly, with illustrations fully labeled for valuable review and study. The organization of THE ORBIT AND SELLAR REGION leads to clarity and comprehension. Divided into three sections, the book begins with a full description of osseous, neural, arterial, venous, and muscular anatomy. It then goes on to stepwise dissections of the orbit from different directions, in which each layer is peeled away to expose the next deeper layer and the placement of the orbit and concludes with multiple common operative approaches to the sellar region.