4th revised and enlarged edition 2003
1008 S. , 438 Abb. , Broschiert (KB)
ISBN: 9783135239040

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Aiming to present the basic knowledge required for the practice of neurology, this book has become a major textbook and reference work for students and trainees the world over. Yet the comprehensiveness of the information will also appeal to specialists in neurology and neurosurgery who need a rapid reference on less familiar clinical problems.

Key features of the 4th edition:

- Up to date: thoroughly revised chapters on epilepsy, circulatory disturbances and hemorrhages, and the extrapyramidal syndromes, as well as on polyneuropathies and myopathies

- Practice-oriented: stronger emphasis on clinical presentation, and expanded discussion of treatment in many chapters

- Comprehensive and accessible: the salient aspects of current knowledge are presented clearly and thoroughly on 1000 pages with 438 illustrations and 210 tables

This revised and expanded edition of Neurology is intended to maintain the book's place as one of the leading basic works on neurology.