Imaging of the Globe and Orbit

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ISBN: 9783131081810

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In recent years, CT and MRI have provided powerful new tools for diagnosing lesions of the globe and orbit. At the same time, the great variety and distribution of these lesions - many of which are seen rarely in the clinic - have continued to make diagnosis difficult for most general radiologists. Combining the experience of both radiologists and ophthalmologists, this important work offers the most complete coverage of globe and orbit imaging available today. Practically organized by anatomical region, this book features hundreds of high-quality radiographic images and will enable correct diagnosis of a broad range of globe and orbit disorders.

Highlights include:

Detailed help in diagnosing disorders of the ocular cone, the globe, the preseptal and subperiosteal compartments, the lacrimal gland, the orbital apex, the cavernous sinus, and the extraocular muscles
Convenient organization based on anatomy rather than imaging technique, and full coverage of both normal and abnormal findings
More than 300 superior-quality radiographs and line drawings
A thorough integration and comparison of CT and MR data for each disorder
A complete clinical reference, Imaging of the Globe and Orbit is a must for radiologists who wish to reach accurate diagnoses and ensure a high level of patient care.