Moyamoya Disease

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Moyamoya, a Japanese word meaning "puffy, hazy, obscure, or vague" describes the smoky appearance of the vascular collateral network this disease has on angiography. Moyamoya was first categorized by Dr. Suzuki in 1969 to describe the abnormal vascular networks at the base of the brain for which this disease is recognized worldwide.

Written by the world's leading experts, this is the first text to cover this cerebrovascular occlusive disorder. Initally believed to affect patients primarilly of Japanese descent, it is now clear that moyamoya disease is not restricted certain racial genotypes or localitites. Because the etiology of this disease remains unclear, the diagnosis depends on radiographic findings through angiography, MRI, and MRA. Topics covered include:

-Definitions and guidelines
-Etiology of moyamoya disease
-Angiographic diagnosis and magnetic resonance imaging
-Clinical manifestations
-Management strategies including: medical therapy, selection of surgical procedures, post-operative evaluation
Functional diagnosis using PET, SPECT