Neurovascular Anatomy in Interventional Neuroradiology

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ISBN: 9781604068399

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This case-based book presents detailed information on
neurovascular anatomy in concise, easily digestible chapters that focus on the
importance of understanding anatomy when performing neurointerventional
procedures. The case discussions include modern examples of invasive and
non-invasive angiographic techniques that are relevant for general radiologists
and diagnostic neuroradiologists as well as interventionalists. This book gives
readers the detailed knowledge of neurovascular anatomy that allows them to
anticipate and avoid potential complications.Key Features:Cases
are enhanced by more than 1,000 high-quality radiographs covering the full range
of neurovascular anatomyContent focuses on the practical relevance of
the anatomical features encountered while performing everyday neurovascular
proceduresAnatomy and embryology are explained together, enabling
readers to fully comprehend the vascular anatomy and its many
variantsPearls and pitfalls are provided at the end of each chapter,
highlighting the critical anatomy points presentedAll neuroradiologists,
interventionalists, general radiologists, and diagnostic neuroradiologists, as
well as residents and fellows in these specialties, will read this book cover to
cover and frequently consult it for a quick review before performing

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