Tests and Exercises for the Spine

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ISBN: 9783131760012

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Tests and Exercises for the Spine expertly guides physical therapists in conducting tests to help determine which exercises are most effective in treating each patient's particular spinal condition. It is a concise, practical manual in which the evaluation (test), therapy (exercise), and home exercise program are presented in a single step,saving physical therapists and patients time and increasing the sustainability of the treatment.

Key Features:

Nearly 300 full-color, high-quality photographs that demonstrate the tests and exercises
A chapter containing The Navigator, a handy reference tool to link the causes,symptoms, tests and exercises for different spinal conditions. The Navigator consists of a fully labeled body diagram in which each numbered body part corresponds to a chart listing the causes and symptoms along with the locations in the book that present the corresponding tests and exercises
Online access to spinal assessment forms in PDF format
A troubleshooting section in each chapter that helps physical therapists make the exercises work for all patients
All physical therapists, advanced physical therapy students, and other allied health professionals treating patients with spine issues will find this book an excellent resource throughout their careers."Diagnosis, Treatment, and Exercise Program in One Step

A practice manual for physical therapists who treat patients with spinal symptoms.

Learn more than 50 exercises with which:
- You can identify weaknesses in your patients before they lead to symptoms
- Your patients can start immediately to work on any deficits
- You can evaluate your patient#s progress
- You can determine when your patient has achieved the training goal

The test and exercise are identical, saving treatment time and ensuring that the right structure is always being trained.
Show your patients the exercises for relaxation, coordination, mobility, strength, and endurance which are necessary for a spinal health and fitness.
This book is the ideal practical reference, with standardized exercise descriptions. The outstanding pictures enable you to easily show your patients the exercises. Abundant photos show how it#s done!

An invaluable tool: the treatment navigator.
The navigator takes you from the symptomatic region of the body to the specific exercises designed to target that area.