Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging

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Cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) imaging has become an important technique for the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases. Technical advances have rendered both CT and particularly CMR highly effective for most applications, and unique in the evaluation of cardiovascular anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology. The number of investigations and publications on CMR on basic and clinical problems in cardiovascular diseases has exploded over the last years, and substantial gain of information on both new technical and clinical advances has been achieved. This combination of textbook and atlas contains the latest results and applications of CMR, including one chapter on the role of cardiovascular CT in clinical routine. - Comprehensive and clear description of MRI techniques and protocols for all types of cardiovascular examinations - Detailed description and discussion of every routine and new application of CMR for both clinical diagnosis and patient management as well as experimental investigations - Chapters written in a balanced and structured format regarding both disease description and experimental applications as well as results of CMR imaging - Thorough discussion of relevant recent and actual publications on the latest results of clinical and experimental investigations regarding CMR techniques and clinical application - Inclusion of important experimental topics like CMR studies in animals or cardiac magnetic resonance spectroscopy, and clinical issues like CMR-based follow-up of cardiovascular interventions, CMR assessment of pulmonary vascular diseases, incidental findings on CMR imaging, or the role of cardiac computed tomography as an alternative to CMR - Excellent and instructive figures and schematics to demonstrate the strength and high quality of CMR to detect abnormalities of structure and function of the heart and great vessels in a wide variety of cardiovascular disorders - Detailed and clear presentation of the knowledge by the authors, who are internationally renowned experts in the field of CMR imaging