Lymphedema Management

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This essential guide encompasses the core principles of Manual Lymph Drainage and Complete Decongestive Therapy for a wide range of pathologies across the age continuum. Key elements from the prior edition are incorporated, such as color-coded sections for anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology. Advances in the field are reflected in expanded chapters and efficacy meta-analyses, updates on genetics, refinements in manual compression, and new insights on fat disorders and edema.

Key highlights in fourth edition

More than 140 new color images, over 30 new tables, and updated ICD-10 codes
Expanded discussion of lipedema and related conditions such as Dercum's and Madelung's diseases
Surgical approaches such as vascularized lymph node transfer, anastomosis and bypass techniques, suction assisted protein lipectomy, and combined and staged lymphedema operations
Wound care options for edema and advanced venous disease
Integration of conventional therapies and techniques in collaboration with surgeons who perform specialized lymphatic procedures
Tips and guidance for growing numbers of home care focused practitioners who encounter lymphedema and related edemas in patients
Management of garments including fit, functionality, and patient independence
Rare pediatric syndromes and adaption of CDT for children
Expanded discussion of sequential intermittent pneumatic compression including contraindications and usages in lymphedema management
This is a must-have resource on the diagnosis, treatment, and management of lymphedema and lymphatic insufficiency. Its unique practicality will enable educators to teach techniques and clinicians to adeptly incorporate a wide range of treatment strategies into practice.