Visceral Manipulation in Osteopathy

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Visceral manipulation is the osteopathic treatment of the internal organs.
This clinically orientated book is the first book to present the four most common treatment concepts found in visceral manipulation at a glance: the Barral concept, the concept from Finet and Williame, visceral manipulation according to Kuchera and Kuchera, and the Chapman reflex points.
It does this in a well-structured manner and is organized according to the individual organs.

  • Comprehensive overview and comparison of different techniques in one book (= "Best of…")
  • Techniques are explained precisely but short and crisp
  • Numerous photographs illustrate the techniques and demonstrate how to conduct them correctly
  • United in one book: The treatment concepts from Barral, Chapman, Kuchera, Finet and Williame for the daily clinical practice
  • The wellstructured presentation of visceral techniques and the extensive theoretical section give the beginner a sense of self-assurance
  • The significance of the central tendon in osteopathic treatment
  • Interaction between the organs and the teeth

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