Ophthalmic Ultrasound

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Keep yourself abreast of the current information on diagnosing ocular and orbital disease using ultrasound.

The second edition of Ophthalmic Ultrasound: A Diagnostic Atlas presents the latest information on using echography to diagnose lesions and diseases of the eye and orbit. This edition is fully updated, with a new chapter on orbital disease and coverage of the 20-MHz probe for posterior segment imaging. This book provides a comprehensive review of the basic screening procedures, descriptions of the indications for ultrasound, and guidance on how to reach an accurate diagnosis of both common and rare clinical problems in all areas of the eye.


  • Techniques for diagnosing diseases of the retina, choroid, vitreous, anterior segment, optic nerve, extraocular muscles, and more
  • More than 550 high-quality images, including an expanded collection of anterior segment images, that aid in the comprehension of pathology and disease processes
  • Three-dimensional schematics demonstrating sound beam and probe positions on the eye
  • Valuable references for pursuing topics in depth Ophthalmic Ultrasound: A Diagnostic Atlas is an invaluable reference for ophthalmologists, ultrasonographers, and radiologists.