Pediatric Imaging Rapid-Fire Questions and Answers

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ISBN: 9781588906588

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An invaluable guide for self-assessment in pediatric imaging

From airway diseases to vascular anomalies, this book provides a comprehensive overview of common and rare problems in all areas of pediatric radiology. For each disease process, the book tests your knowledge of etiology, embryology, genetics, gender considerations, and imaging findings.


  • 3,430 questions and answers presented in a rapid-fire, "test yourself," two-column format
  • Broad coverage of pediatric pathology from a radiologic and clinical perspective
  • Alphabetic organization of subject matter within each chapter to aid rapid location of topics of interest
This Q&A book provides thorough preparation for board examination and recertification exams in radiology, pediatrics, and nursing. Residents will find the book to be an indispensable tool for preparing to handle difficult, rapid-fire questioning by chief residents and attendings.